New Year’s Eve

New Years Eve was a blast! There were sooo many people on Banff Ave and there were people we knew everywhere. So much fun! After midnight we had a small in-between-party in our house and then we took a cab to an afterparty at Christine’s work friends place. It was packed with people and we had an awesome night! We partied until late and unfortunate Christine had to work at 7:30 this morning…
This is gonna be such a amazingly good year, I just know that! Banff is wonderful, all the people are great and I live my life! I hope all of you had such a good New Year Eve as we had! Happy New Year and Gott Nytt År!
 Maybe I should start taking sun on my throat?
 Me, Matt and Thomas
Me and Katie
James, me, Ingrid and Niklas


Me, Dave, Christine and Niklas

Neal and Jordan

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