Scandinavian Christmas Dinner

As I said before, in Scandinavia we celebrate Christmas on the 24th. So since we were quite alone about this tradition, we gathered as many Danes and Swedes we could find in Banff for a dinner (hey, Norwegians, where are you?). A bunch of 17 blondes met up at Tony Roma’s and sang songs on both Danish and Swedish with Aalborg snaps in the glasses. It was a successful evening and it got even better when we got to sing a Jingle Bells battle against the neighboring table with Crazy Larry.
After that we went back to Morten’s and watched Donald Duck’s Christmas Show (or Kalle Anka as it’s called in swedish, or even more funny – Anders And in danish!) before the evening ended at a pub in town.
Thank’s for a great Christmas guys, even though I never got herring!
 8 Danes, 8 Swedes and 1 Canadian!
 Our housemate Blake and Christine
 It’s Christmas time!
 No, that’s not meatballs, but it was tasty anyway!
 SKÅL! (cheers)
 Amanda and her sister
 My cute sister!
 Thomas, Klara and Frederik
 Toke and the brothers Frederik and Andreas

The twins Mathias and Jesper, and Malin, Simon and Morten. Wow, I just realized that we were four sibling couples on this dinner. Our families might not been that far away after all!



Crazy Larry. As you can see, he is really crazy. He must wear a helmet even at a restaurant. Maybe I should copy him? 


Malin finally got the dog she always wanted, a pink poodle! 


Klara, Frederik and me


Christmas Love!


The Danish vision of the Swedish language


Why I’m called Pyssling? I’m a dwarf, that’s why.

 For you who want’s to see the Swedish Christmas tradition. Say Mama!

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