Christmas Eve

Finally some sleep in! I slept like a baby until 1 pm today, I really needed that I guess. Yesterday was Sunday Funday again, and I will now start using a helmet on the dance floor. There was some guy who crashed his head into mine. BANG and a big bump appeared on my head. Ouch. For one second I thought I got a concussion, but that was porbably me overreacting as always. However, it doesn’t matter what I do, but I will always have pain somewhere. The other day, Matt from work almost got killed by a massive block of ice falling from the liftstation about two centimeters from his head. That’s so scary, and bad things seems to happen to me so I really have to watch out…
Yesterday our supervisor cooked lunch for all of us lifties, and he made us turkey. I’ve never eaten or seen a turkey in real life before, but it was defentitivt not the last time I ate it. Yum! What a supervisor, hey?
Now I have to jump into the shower and then it will be ”Christmas” dinner with 18 Scandinavians! Merry Christmas everyone, or God Jul as we say in swedish!

Ron made us Turkey, yum!


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