What the fuck am I doing? I obviously can’t keep my balance up here. Yesterday we had a jugnight with the guys from work. You have to buy a jug of beer and share it with all the guys if you did something stupid in the last two weeks. It was a great night, but when I got home to go to bed, I never turned the lights on because I didn’t want to wake Chrisse up. It was all dark and for some very stupid reason I crashed into the dresser and fell head over heels and my face scraped against the closet and the blood just flowed. I was totally shocked and did not understand what was happening. My chin got a big scratch and there’s a big hole on the inside of my lip. Emelie, take it easy now, you should not try to box with the the closet! I can’t stop laughing when I’m thinking of the accident, I can’t belive how I managed to do that… Haha crazy…
By the way, does anyone know what is wrong with my hands? Every winter I get cracks on my fingers and it hurts so fucking bad! They are not dry, it’s only small, painfull cracks. Maybe I’m are allergic to the cold … (and he altitude…)

Ouch, that hurts… At least I know now how I would look like with botox in my lips. 

Amanda’s singing at Earls
Tommy’s singing at The Gap? 




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