Ski and sail from Sweden to Lofoten



Our next big adventure – in 2019


A while ago, Christine and I  watched the Banff Mountain Film Festival here in Stockholm. A few weeks later we watched Supervention II. We got so inspired by those movies! Since then we have talked a bit about a dream that we have – to sail from Sweden to Lofoten, spending the winter there and then sail back home in the spring. Norway is supposed to have the world’s most beautiful sailing areas with amazing scenery with snowy mountains and unique wildlife like killer whales and cool birds, for example.


We came across “the Challenge 2016” (Utmaningen 2016) – an effort from the Swedish Sailing Federation to achieve the vision of Swedish sailing being available to everybody. We sent an application to get the opportunity to be a part of their resources to new ideas and projects.



Our vision


We want to make a documentary that bring girls forward in the action sports of sailing and freeride skiing/snowboarding. Our plan is to sail from Sweden to Lofoten to spend a winter there. We will trasport ourselves with only skis and sails. The idea is to document a journey where girls challenge themselves – just to show the world that girls can too! We will also pay attention to sustainable development. By highlighting how beautiful the surroundings are, and to show how fragile it is, we hope that the documentary can open the eyes of people to see how we treat our world. And not least each other.


We didn’t think that our idea would be so great that we would receive those funds to realize our project. The Swedish Sailing Federation wants to support us! They are giving us and our yacht club GBK 10 000 SEK to support us.


The planning starts now!


In the time of three years from now, we will start our journey – the fall of 2019. I’m studying photography and Christine’s studying Development and international cooperation, with a focus on sustainable development. At that time we will both be graduated and we believe we have good basic knowledge to make this a good documentary, but we will need help.


To prepare, we have to:


  • find a boat
  • read a lot and make sure we know how to handle different situations that can appear during the trip.
  • get more experiences as sailors and backcountry skiers
  • take a skipper degree
  • set up a strict training schedule to be in shape when we’ll do all the hiking.
  • take an advanced avalanche course
  • find a crew with mostly girls
  • find someone who can film
  • get split boards



What do you think, would you follow us on our expedition?

We are so excited about this, it will be an unforgettable experience!

Do you feel that you have something to offer and think you can fit in our crew?

Do you have the resources to sponsor us?


Let’s talk about it! Contact me at



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  1. Wow, what an amazing idea and cool mission you girls have! Will def follow that adventure and think it is absolutely aspiring what you do. xx Nikoline

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