Latin America





Follow our experiences of living at heights of 5000 meters above sea level, fishing piranhas in the Amazon and cykling down the worlds most dangerous road. Read more
About our way to the lost city – Machu Pichu, about swimming with giant Galapagos turtles and sandboardning in the desert. Read more
Go to the backpacker-wallet-friendly “Mini Galapagos” and drink two-for-one Caipirinhas all night long in Montañita. Read more
Visit the hometown of Pablo Escobar and meet the awesome locals. One of my favorite countries. Read more

Rescue the wildlife in Costa Rica





Celebrating christmas with panamanian kids and eating crab at the magical San Blas Islands. Read more
Costa Rica
Surfing with rastafari guys and living the Pura Vida life. Read more
Pool party at Sunday Funday in San Juan del Sur and volcano boarding in Leon. Read more
El Salvador
Passing by El Tunco – the famous surf town. Read more
Visiting the natural pools in Semuc Champey and swimming in dark caves. Read more
Snorkeling at Isla Cozumel and drinking too many tequilas. Read more
A summary of 4 months in Latin America
The highlights from our trip. Read more
How much we spent in Latin America
How much did it cost? Read more
The San Blas Adventure
When we got stranded in the ‘never-ever-go-there’ province. Read more
How not to cross a border in South America
About when we became illegal in Peru. Read more



Volunteer in Ecuador